Light and shadow

Light and shadow

Light and shadow, 2020, 90x60cm, technique  overprinting 4 photos


Artist: Marie Ange Van Meyel


    Light and shadow, 2020, 90x60cm, technique  overprinting 4 photos


    Marie Ange Van Meyel


    I work on shots that I adapt to the symbolist, to poetry and philosophy to give the spectators something to think about and open up a constructive dialogue.

    I set up a technique of shooting, which I call Fuhsing mixing colors and light.

    I love this freedom and am happy to live in 2020 with the achievements of the years of evolution of photography.

     Today, with the new technologies, to experiment as they did in their laboratory, to freeze my emotions by opening to the spectators a new world where dream and debate are especially welcome.

    There are happy days, sad days but always stories in gestations.


    Often there is nothing on top and everything is underneath ...SEARCH




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