Life companion

Life companion

Title: Life companion
Year: 2019
Media: Pastel drawing on pastelmat paper
Size: 50x 70 cm


Artistic Statement:

The artwork "Life Companion" aims to bring out forgotten emotions or hidden feelings related to a natural behavior of a predator in relation to human projection of pets. A lot of humans have lost the connection with nature due to the privilege of not having to deal with the reality that mother nature would provide if our basic needs were not easily satisfied in society.
In the artwork, the dog can be seen as a link between the human with a loss of connection with nature, and the bird -a trophy who´s a creation by mother earth. The dog is an innocent gentle human's best friend and also a predator with a natural behavior to hunt. Predators and hunting always evoke a lot of different feelings in people. For some it's almost an art form and for others the human as a predator is a lost memory hidden deep inside.


Artist: Therese Åhlund


    Therese Åhlund


    For as long as I can remember, I have felt the need to create, to express myself through art. Being a creative mind I love to capture moments , turn feelings into colours and share it with you through my drawings. I am an artist focusing on portraits and realistic art. Today, I spend most of my time drawing in Stavalund, a family farm located deep into the northern Swedish woods. Surrounded by the nature and it’s stillness, this is where I find my peace and inspiration. All of my drawings hold a foundation of nature, strength, calm and freedom. Those elements make the very core of my art- the wild and the free. with my portraits, I hope to mirror those souls and individuals so important to you and others they need to be forever kept in color.


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