Les Voisins

Les Voisins

Les Voisins, pigment and resin on wood panel, 200 x 250 cm


Artist: Danette Landry


    Les Voisins, pigment and resin on wood panel, 200 x 250 cm


    Danette Landry


    Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Danette Landry was a longtime resident of California before moving to Paris in 1997 to pursue studies in cultural anthropology. After receiving a master’s degree and completing her thesis at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Sociales in Paris, Landry decided to devote herself to a life of ‘making and giving form’. This turning point manifested as a profound and splintering journey; reigniting a creative process that was instilled into her at a young age by her mother, a self-taught painter.

    She has travelled extensively and has lived on four continents. But it is various links and the fragmented lines of her biography that led her to painting and sculpture.

    Danette Landry works from her experience of the world, her eventful life, her spiritual and mental space. She specifies that she has to name things. For more than fifteen years, she has been confronting her themes and the materials she gives shape. It's an outlet. She needs an outlet in the pursuit of her artistic work. Physically and mentally, it is a necessity for her to materialize her emotions, her past and her present life. A way of externalizing and spatializing one's deep self.​



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