Lenka Kozlíková

Lenka Kozlíková

Lenka Kozlíková


    Lenka Kozlíková


    *1985, Czech Republic




    I am fascinated by the knowledge that none of us perceive colours in the same way and that we all see shades differently. Colours in addition, have an incredible ability to affect our mind and body. Painting pictures is like mixing own potion.

    I studied law and although I partially stay in the world of paragraphs to this day, I love to run away from it into the world of brushes and paintings. These worlds are not actually worlds separate but they are connected by a certain parallel. Like any legal norm, also the painting is often the subject of interpretation. And that can often be very interesting matter to discover.






    That's exactly the feeling I feel when I paint. I love abstraction and the effect of colours. My works are often colourful, rich, sometimes complicated, but I believe that despite the occasional darkness, they are perhaps warm. I try to embody hope in them and give life the proper colours. I basically paint with music and I believe that even this element is woven into my canvases. With my works, I always try to capture a burning theme for me without slipping only on the surface. I often compose my own poems, texts and reflections to my works.

    Apart from abstraction, I also focus on realistic painting and illustration.


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