Last Victory

Last Victory

Name: «Last Victory»

Size of canvas: 40 cmX40 cm

Paint: Acrylic

Technique: Knife pallete, sponging, fingers and pencil.

The year: 2019


I like this painting a lot, even its size, it`s very special to me. This is my life on a canvas. It has a message that no matter the battles, I still stand my ground, and I have won over what ever lifes throw my way. So you can say that this painting fits really well into this exhibition. Gaia, beeing the mother earth, still stands strong and glourious, no matter what.


Artist: Nicoleta Eiden


    Nicoleta Eiden


    I am Romanian born, 57 years, for the last 25 years leaving in Norway.

    I am a mother and grandmother. People describe me as a free spirit, loving and carrying, colourful and loud, creative and inovative, the center of attention at every party, a people person with an eye for details.

    I am perfectionist, and I tend to think that my artwork is never good enough. Maybe thats way it took me so many years to actually expose it.

    I have always been an artist, since young age, I use to draw, to paint, to create, but beeing an artist in Romania at the time, was not seen as a proper job and I didnt had the support of the family around me. After coming to Norway, many years went by just trying to make my self fit in, and get a job, be a mother and life came in the way. I have start working my art again for 11 years ago around the time I became a grandmother. I start taking art classes, going to gallerys, searching online, to improve my skills and techniques. My art was mainly diplayed on my own walls, or in the houses of friends and family, and always for free. I never thought that I could actually sell it. I was getting a lot of positive feedback regarding my work, but I was very modest and I did not belive I could be as good as others artist, wich I respect. Until one day, when I open my Instagram acount and put out some of my work, and got a lot of positive feedback. This made me belive my art can be so much more than a hobby.



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