Title: Ladybird

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Year of execution: 2012

Size: 32 cm X 22 cm


Artist: Ade Blakey


    Ade Blakey


    Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, I’ve always been an instinctive admirer of late 19th and early 20th century modern art. I would always seek out the major galleries and gravitate towards this sort of art whenever I could visit other cities. It wasn’t until 2010 that I finally started to paint. I wanted to see if I could find my own contemporary interpretation of the sort of art that I admire.

    Working mainly with oils and acrylics on canvas, I am continuing to broaden my portfolio of offerings across a range of styles and content types.

    Some of my work is pure non-representational abstraction, while at the other extreme I apply figurative abstraction and impressionistic and even pop-art style elements to social commentary works, landscapes and portraits. I’m particularly interested in how these elements can interwork to create new and interesting effects.

    My colour palette has become bolder and more vibrant. I freely experiment with a variety of marks, repeated motifs and abstraction in the backgrounds around the main themes or subjects. I try to find a balance of flow and colour in these elements that harmonises with the main elements forming the focus of the works.

    I rotate a selection of my works on my website at I also post some works and more experimental offerings to Instagram: see @ade_blakey_artist.


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