La Venus de lo diferente

La Venus de lo diferente

La Venus de lo diferente

Acrylic on canvas


91 cm x 126 cm


This painting is all about self love, consciousness and acceptation. Don’t need a perfect shape to match a perfect soul. You truly understand what life is made of when your eyes become capable to see trough body appearance, getting to the light we carry on in this magic adventure.


Artist: Antonio Sai Linde


    Antonio Sai Linde


    I was born in Barcelona in 1984, I moved to Italy in the young age, and complete there my studies. Always passionate about art I get the chance to attend at an art school and then to the Fine Arts Academy of Rome. As soon as I could I leave Italy to come back to my origins. I throw into my art a long ongoing journey whit an autobiographic storytell of reality, charged whit esoteric daydreams and symbolism. Every day I feel more sensitive about my surrondings, representing jungle city life of Barcelona, where i can daily take part to a magic cirque of souls. Painting fast trying to catch the run of my thoughts, i’m constantly at work, making them eternal thanks to shiny materic colours.



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