La fête dans ma tête Boulangerie

La fête dans ma tête Boulangerie

La fête dans ma tête Boulangerie - size 60x40 cm


Artist: Stéphanie Pfeiffer


    La fête dans ma tête Boulangerie - size 60x40 cm


    Stéphanie Pfeiffer


    Stephanie Pfeiffer, storyteller of the People


    A true Parisian, Stephanie's creativity is forged by her streets and shaped by the subcultures behind croissants. She cultivates a love affair with Paris through her photographs  and stories, capturing the essence of its famed people on her blog Gueules de Parisiens. Her bubbling enthusiasm takes the wind out of the Parisians' infamous "froideur." And just like a good croissant, her portraits win your heart tenderly and contagiously.

    She has just left the City of Light for for it's twin sister from another mister: New York City. Her ambition: to make the world re-discover "grumpy and snobby Parisians." With the  English version of Gueules de Parisiens, Stephanie is pooling together all her Parisian expertise to bring you daily shots of French flair, French chic and French sassiness... no matter where you  live.


     Artist Statement

    "My Dad used to tell me, 'Don't talk to strangers Stephanie!' . and I never listened . In fact, I never really listened to anyone but the little voice in my head, constantly whispering 'Why?'

    Why shouldn't I talk to strangers ? Why do you have to be serious to be taken seriously? I believe in the audacity of candor, in innocence and in the wholesome quality of a moment frozen in time. I live for those serendipitous encounters in a world where everything is calculated.

    The stories I tell are not about people's lives. It's precisely the opposite: I don't care if you're a famous actor or a complete nobody, because the only thing that matters is the chemistry between us.

    The magic that was born out of two strangers meeting and knowing nothing about each other. A simple but powerful reminder that there is no such thing as a complete stranger."



    Stephanie manages a spectacular group of 15k followers whose thumbs press "like" on a daily basis to show their support. A viewership as dedicated as it is diverse: over 1,000 Parisians attended her latest Parisian exhibition, ranging from 7 to 87 years old!

    Her impact reaches far beyond the shadow of the Eiffel tower. Stephanie has been featured in international magazines and exhibited her work in Paris, Sydney and New York. The reason is simple: Pfeiffer's work is not only about Paris; it is a catalyst for all human connections.

    Pfeiffer was invited to discuss civic activism and poetry as a speaker at La Sorbonne, proving there is a power in social connection that stems through all of us.



    PR O JE CT S

    Gueules de Parisiens.

    Paris: raw, gritty, and not as cheesy as one may think.


    Forget museums and high-end fashion. The photojournal Gueules de Parisiens (*) - Gangsters of Paris - illustrates what makes Paris a city like no other.


    Meet the characters who make the heart of Paris beat: elegant or edgy, quirky or classic... You will travel the streets of the City of Light from Montmartre to St. Germain des Pres along with photographer and writer Stephanie Pfeiffer.


    (*)  Gueule  :  French  slang for face. While sufficient when used alone, is frequently combined with a descriptive noun that is usually cheeky . and a tad bit discourteous.


     A snapshot of Paris you'll find in NO Travel guide.

    If you thought Parisians were all grumpy, Gueules de Parisiens will definitely make you do a double take.


    They have an unfortunate reputation - quite "merde" actually, if you'll pardon my French. To an extent, it's true: your average Jean-Jacques is grumpy, stressed and sometimes even unpleasant... but scratch beneath the surface and you'll discover that a Parisian  is  a  cynic looking to be swept off their feet. Gueules de Parisiens is a photographic tale that invites you to look  beyond  the    book's  cover.  Stephanie  Pfeiffer's  Parisians  sparkle,  smile  and even laugh




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