La Charmeuse Passionnelle

La Charmeuse Passionnelle

La Charmeuse Passionnelle

Acrylic on canvas


80 x 100 cm


Artist: Piyaz Yotpiya Promthong


    Piyaz Yotpiya Promthong


    Yotpiya Promthong, known as “Piyaz” was born on April 24, 1979 in Issan, in the North-East of Thailand. His mother took him to Switzerland when he was 10 years old. Imbued with a Thai culture and environment, Piyaz perceives the contrast with Switzerland from a social, cultural and geographical point of view. This inspires him to imagine a world which, like his journey, is unique to him; a better, colorful, harmonious world. Just as this world is akin to that of childhood, Piyaz retains the freshness of an eternal child. The choice of his profession seemed natural to him: he became an automobile painter in 2000. After having worked for several years, he no longer recognized himself in this mechanical world, too insensitive. He then turned, in 2019, to the world of art. His painting style is characterized by spontaneity of gesture, dynamism of forms and inner narration. Without trying to represent reality, Piyaz uses its associations of colors and shapes, which are sure to "make you think of". This organic character in Piyaz's work is also crystallized by what he calls the vital energy released by his paintings. Like a wave, it is supposed to propagate and make the viewer think positive.



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