Kylie 2

Kylie 2

«Kylie» part 1,2, and 3.


acrylic on canvas, H:60cm W:50cm


These are a part of my series «Bold and bare», celebrating the wave of bodypositivism and all shapes and forms of the human body.


Artist: Marlen Flatsetø


    Marlen Flatsetø


    My name is Marlen Eivindsen Flatsetø, and I am a Norwegian based start-up contemporary artist. I have painted as a hobby to friends and family as long as I can remember, but now I am aiming to reach out wider, both to private homes and corporate office environments.

    I am mainly self-taught, but have attended some technique-sessions and classes by other artist.

    My range is a variation of different styles, mostly within the Figurative-abstract category. I love experimenting with fluid paint, texture and different materials, and I’m currently working on offering functional art on noise-reducing canvases.


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