Ksenia Kotova

Ksenia Kotova

Ksenia Kotova


    Ksenia Kotova


    Ksenia Kotova was born in Moscow in 1987 and her parents are both artists. She starts to attend different classical drawing schools from a very young age. Later on she graduates in “Design of Architectural Spaces” at the Institute of Modern Art in Moscow where she discovers her passion for drawing female figures and faces.

    After her studies Ksenia begins to travel, looking for the ideal place to settle in. At first she moves to New Zealand, but the too quiet lifestyle and the cultural distance with her country of origin lead her to move to Europe. She then tries to live in Germany but the cold weather - similar to the one of her hometown - and the reserved temperament of German people induce her to come back to Russia.


    Later, by chance, she goes on a four-day trip to Rome and, once there, she immediately falls in love with it, being amazed not only by the immense artistic and historical heritage but also by the Italian lifestyle. She therefore starts to live in the Italian capital and keeps perfecting the study of design. She graduates in “Industrial Design” at the Institute Superior of Artistic Industries (ISIA) in 2012. After this, she begins to work as an interior designer in Rome collaborating with several architectural firms.


    After a few years of professional experience Ksenia, still looking for new training paths, decides to move to Milan to attend the Master’s in “Retail Design” at the Institute European Design (IED) and it is there, in the capital of fashion, that she develops and deepens her passion for the fashion’s world.

    She begins drawing the models met on the street during the Fashion Week and creating sketches of the windows’ shops, being attracted by the colours, shapes and creativity of the multiple fashion brands.

    Initially she paints using classical techniques, such as watercolour, acrylic, pastels and pencils but, later - in 2018 - she switches to work with the tablet, creating digital drawings. And it is this very opportunity - to always travel with the tablet and to essentially create wherever - that allows Ksenia to constantly get inspired by her surrounding reality, representing “glamour” moments and “fashion stories” in several Italian locations (like “Oh Positano!”).



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