"Kefka" is a Belgian multidisciplinary artist born in 1984.

    From 2002 he finds the path that corresponds to him after a tumultuous and unsuited to his creative potential and trains at the I.A.T.A of Namur (Institute of Education of Arts, Techniques, Sciences and Crafts).

    The beginning of his career is forged in applied arts before turning to photography and digital arts. He graduated in image sciences and techniques in 2005.

    Touching everything and curious, he is interested in offset printing techniques at the I.S.E.T (Institut Supérieur d'Enseignement Technologique) to then start a baccalaureate in video and painting at the E.R.G of Brussels.

    In the large workshops of this School of Graphic Research, Kefka learns several disciplines and creative media such as sculpture, experimental video, painting, photography and digital creation.

    An intense and extremely busy worker, he quickly breaks away from conventions and finds his own catchy style.

    His works are colorimetric bombs.

    He paints life in motion according to his own techniques.

    He juxtaposes, curves, contrasts, mixes, imbricates and inlays, backgrounds and colors, to offer works that are meaningful, powerful, intriguing, enigmatic and colorful.

    Creating without limits and shaking up the codes with his raw style, he externalizes his feelings through strong and colorful images. In 2009, he graduated from the E.R.G. with a diploma in visual arts and came out of the E.R.G. with a head full of colorful ideas.

    His painting techniques and his vision of art were formed under the influence of graffiti, street art, painting and video and he spends his time discovering artists who inspire him in order to perfect his own style.

    A tireless explorer and inveterate colorist, he is constantly looking for new creative techniques. His vision of the world helps him to acquire new vivid emotions, to observe from a new angle in order to retranscribe them in his creative process.

    The artist then reveals himself through works inspired by his experiences, and today focuses mainly on digital painting and large format printing on different media.

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