Karma was born in Hong Kong, she is a Eurasian of Portuguese and Chinese. She works with acrylic paintings because she is a quick painter that enjoy the freedom of expression with this medium.

    As a self-learnt artist, Karma realized the process of paintings could be very therapeutic and healing. She has encountered acrylic painting when she had a knee surgery over ten years ago, that she had to stay indoor most of her 'me for recovery for many months. During those periods, Karma slowly enjoy the joy of painting and since then, she never stops painting.

    Most of her paintings comes from her subconscious mind. Apart from using regular painting equipment, she even uses kitchen tissues, toothpicks, hands, sponge, toothbrush whatever, she could find in household.

    She has produced over 100 paintings over those years. In year 2019, Karma decided to participate on-line art competitions that brought her several awards. She has also participated a private gallery show in Hong Kong, and she enjoy sharing the joy of paintings with friends that wish to experience acrylic painting.

    The purpose for her paintings was to share the positive energies that was produced through her paintings to the viewers.



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