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Kari Wang

Kari Wang


    Kari Wang


    I am a norwegian painter, living and working from my studio in Kolbotn, outside Oslo.

    I have my art related education from Westerdals - Oslo School of arts, Communication and Tecnology. In addition I have taken several art related courses through all my life. I have worked more than 20 years as Art Director and graphic designer, until I realized my dream and became a full time artist in 2010.

    Through my artistic carreer, “the woman” has always been a favorite object.

    In 2014 I started with the theme “Folklore” and focused on women´s traditional and handmade costumes. About 70 % of norwegian women own a “bunad", and they use them often! This bunad use is on UNESCO’s representative list of intangible cultural heritage.

    I express myself figuratively with acrylic on canvas. I paint with colourful brushes and have a kind of calligraphic style. One of my characteristics is to give the image an illusion of speed and movement.

    I have participated in many separate and collective exhibitions in Norway the last years, but also abroad.


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