Born in 1974. Lives in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture , Japan.

    Currently, while working for a company, I am working on drawing and collage works. Mainly publishes daily works on instagram.

    "kamonpoi" comes from a nickname when I was a student.

    Draw on mini notebooks, notepads, envelopes, food boxes, paper bags, post-it, etc. using ballpoint pens, fluorescent markers, pencils, colored pencils, posca, and makers.

    My collage works are characterized by giving damage and stains by pasting, peeling off, pasting peeled ones again, drawing on them, and painting images.

    My main theme is "Bure" (in English, it is called "Shake"?). “Bure” means that the person himself / herself doesn’t know what to do, and therefore changes his/her opinion and attitude. The reason I take it as a theme is that I think the essence is that people's thoughts and actions are not consistent.



    Actively self-study and independent activities in various expression formats since school days. June 2017

    The Peas(Japanese rock band) 30th Anniversary Nihonbudokan Live and Adolf Verfli's exhibition inspired me a lot and resumed drawing  production.


    Started activities as a drawing artist under the name of “kamonpoi”. 2020

    Selected for the 16th World Painting Awards Exhibition.



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