I am a self-taught abstract artist based in Berlin.

    Harmony and autonomy of art: this is how I would describe my painting. I found my way to painting at an early age, but instead of studying fine arts, I studied teaching and have since worked at an elementary school.

    The inner urge for art, however, remained. In order to break out of the daily routine of a teacher, I created for myself the world of art, in which there are no boundaries. Painting is for me a way to transmit all my feelings, as an reflection of my inner self.

    Abstract painting in particular has always known no right and wrong, it is much more inspiration and freedom of representation.

    My pictures do not claim to tell a story rather, the viewer should be touched on a soulful level and develop a feeling harmonious, similar to watching a sunset. This creates an self- determined relationship between viewer and artwork.


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