Joy of Life 2

Joy of Life 2

Joy of Life 2


Artist: Dalia Slep


    Dalia Slep


    My name is Dalia. I was born and live in Lithuania, I have tried pouring technique, also drawing a realistic artworks for a while, I realized that abstract art allows me to express my emotions, to express myself. I found myself in abstract art and only in it I see me. Each picture tells a different story. I love the whole process of painting, never knows what emotions will flow up in the process, especially I like when the final result surprises me as well. Painting is my passion, it‘s a wonderful feeling when people can feel a bit of me through my creations.

    Painting can be a lifelong learning experience, if you just want, especially when so much information can be found in the online space. I am constantly trying to get new experiences from other painters, one of realistic technique artist from which I learned was Joseph Patric Daniels. Also I am currently a student at Morley College London, where I will deepen my knowledge of abstract painting.


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