Joanna Ostrowska

Joanna Ostrowska

Joanna Ostrowska - JoArtee


    Joanna Ostrowska - JoArtee

    I was born in a small city of Poland, called Częstochowa – 500km south from Baltic Sea.

    From early days Oceans fascinated me a lot, since I was a child my biggest dream was to become a seafarer.

    Following my dream, I started studying at Maritime Academy and completed a 12 years career as Marine Nautical Officer at World Wide cargo fleet.

    However Zodiac Aquarius explains my artist soul. It led to a second dream – become a true artist. All went wild, converted to real passion.

    As with my Seafarer dream I was only floating above the water surface with the second one I let myself be taken by the Ocean current!

    In every painting you will find a piece of me, my obstinacy, sensitivity, emotions and imagination. At present living and painting in the capital of Poland, Warsaw.

    Short artist statement:

    As you see, I love juicy colors and UV pigments so much. I like to give the receivers optimism, positive energy and joy.

    My point is to stimulate our imagination!



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