Jasmine Neil

Jasmine Neil

Jasmine Neil


    Jasmine Neil

    I have always been drawn to colour and colourful things.

    As an artist I have never really stuck to one style or type…….... I like different types of music, I adore all genres of film and I like pineapple on my pizza….. there I said it !!!! and I’m not ashamed of it! What can I say? I’m part South Sea Islander (Vanuatu) and we love pineapple on nearly anything!!

    In regards to my favourite artist/s it would be Picasso, Dali, Warhol and Monet.

    I love the boldness of Picasso’s portraits and strong use of lines and segments of colours, distortion of features I relish it all!!   It reminds me a lot of Australian Aboriginal art paintings when they did rock paintings of animals they would do it via x-ray style for example showing the skeletal structure of a kangaroo etc or have it so the animals two eyes were on the side of its face.   There is very much a likeness.

    I could stare at a Dali painting forever, his ability to come up with these dream like visions for his paintings I find mesmerizing, they are like a beautiful nightmare.   I always find that looking at a Dali painting I don’t know whether its fear, curiosity or beauty or all that I’m feeling.

    Warhol… the boldness, the brashness and the forward thinking…  Warhol helped painting evolve with art being less about ‘just a pretty picture on a wall’ to putting where we were as a society and his awareness of materialism, how we as a society had changed since industrial revolution to commercialism and mass production… maybe he was telling us something? Trying to warn us?

    Lastly Monet, I’m a romantic through and through. If I ever fell in love and had to pick a painting that best represents my feelings, it would be a Monet. The colours and ability to apply such movement his paintings leaves me awe struck.

    My paintings to me represent a feeling, a thought.

    My art is that of instinctive and intuitive.  I guess its drawn from the deepest parts of my consciousness.

    My paintings are that of memories, smells, feelings extracted from my sub conscious onto the canvas in shapes and colours that even I don’t am not fully aware of ….. and it’s not till I feel its ‘the end’ that I know what stands before me makes me feel a sense of completion and accomplishment.

    Then it starts again …..



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