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Irina Vladau


    Irina Vladau

    Irina Vladau is a visual artist living in Milan. Born in 1975 in a Transylvanian city, in Romania, (where she grew up and studied), Irina creates art inspired by the mystery of life with joy and melancholy, pain, fear, dreams and reality, all fusing into one emotion. Having a developed sense of color and great observation as a child, she was encouraged by her family, especially her grandfather who was a self-taught painter, to study and practice art. After graduating the University of Art and Design from Cluj-Napoca with degree in Textile Design, like many young artists from the city she tried to emerge in this field but having a little son, she needed to focus on different other jobs to mantains her small family, from time to time painting wood icons.

    After many years working as designer for an austrian candle company she returns back to her old passion, the painting. Being a versatile artist she has found and developing her own artistic style that express better herself. Her works integrate multiple images in a visual abstract context and based on digital processing and a mix of painting, drawing, photography and collage. The artist constantly plays with textures and colours, transforming them, mixing them, in order to give a new shape creating new realities.Her late work deals with deconstructing ideas and recomposing stories in a subtle way. The resulting images are interplay between lights and shadows, forms and reflections and breathtaking colors and textures. Going digital allowed her to find much wider sphere of activity, to push back her limits. The images stand at the intersection of a different perceptions of life and express the multitude of possible answers. Everything is reflexion and mirror, everything responds to everything.



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