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Irene Kalents

Irene Kalents


    Irene Kalents


    “There is someone living inside of me. When I am receptive to beauty around me, we are both in harmony.”  Irene Kalents


    LOS ANGELES, October4, 2020 - Born in Yerevan, Armenia and now based in the greater Los Angeles area, photographer Irene Kalents taps her Armenian roots to find inspiration and bridge her past there with her present life in the United States.

    That Kalents is experienced in zone plate, tilt shift and macro photography as well as ICM and street photography is no coincidence because she is constantly curious, searching, experiment- ing, learning, and refining her technical photography skills. No matter the camera, the subject matter or the technique, her photography elicits emotions. She is an artist whose work delves into beauty and captures the modus vivendi of her heart: Life is beautiful. In 2008, Kalents’ in- sistence on visually portraying La Dolce Vita in nature as well as in human subjects culminated in an eponymous solo exhibition at the Arev Gallery in her native city of Yerevan.

    Kalents began her career studying Economics at the National Polytechnic University of Arme- nia, however, shortly after relocating to the United states when she was in her twenties and found herself living amongst artists, she developed a passionate interest in photography. She has worked on a number of photography projects, including various Los Angeles gallery group exhibitions that were later shown in San Francisco, New York City and elsewhere. Kalents is the proud recipient of a special recognition from a Women in Photography International (WIPI) juried exhibition. More recently, she has been creating a poetic-photography series comprised of images accompanied by her original verses.

    Kalents’ photography has mainly been acquired by private collectors.



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