Artist: Ingrid Gielen




    Ingrid Gielen

    Ingrid (1968) lives and works in Sint-Truiden. At the age of 18 she hesitated between  social work and photography. It then became social work. Somewhere photography also kept itching but only 5 years ago she took the step to the academy for visual arts in Sint-Truiden. Here she graduated in June 2019 with her thesis "About thougts". In the meantime, photography has become an integral part of her life. What started as an “I will see “has become a passion.


    The current work arose buying old photo albums on a flea market in Brussels. Even before the current covid- crisis the idea came up that travelling like we are used to nowadays will  no longer be possible in the future for economic and environmental reasons.

    She started the project linking old pictures with old and new images, also macrophotography to create a new work, a new landscape .Parts of the pictures were coloured with watercolour to create a unique piece.

    This in order to explore if we can travel in our mind in a virtual reality. The covid19 crisis made this even more current.

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