Internal organs of the earth

Internal organs of the earth

Title:   Internal organs of the earth

Year:   2020

Tech:  Acrylic, cicada shells, mixed media bond on paper

size:    29,7x21,0 mm


Artist: Fujiyama Baron


    Fujiyama Baron


    I was born in Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan in 1967. I have loved arts and crafts since I was a child. I’m a regular visitor to museums and galleries, I have always bought works of art that I liked but I have never wanted to make my own because I was not convinced of my artistic abilities. But when I turned 52, I suddenly wanted to paint. That was in October 2019. I was designing a t-shirt, and in the process I drew a line that was so beautiful, it looked like a modern art painting. I started thinking that I might be able to draw. So I took the plunge and started painting!

    When I draw, I don't make a rough sketch. I draw lines and paint freely according to my mood at the time. In order to add depth to the picture, I add many layers of color. Then I paste magazine clippings, cute little things, stickers, cardboard, or anything else I can think of onto the paper. The most important thing is to think about the overall balance of the paper. If you don't have a good balance between the things you put on the paper, you will end up with an uncool picture.

    Usually, when I paint, I don't have an image of the finished painting in my mind. As I paint, I think about what I want the picture to look like. I also value the inspiration that comes to me while I am painting. I paint according to that inspiration. So I don't know what kind of picture I will end up with in the end. It often happens that I end up with a painting that is completely different from the image I initially had in my mind. It is a surprise to me, and also a lot of fun.



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