Title:   Insula

Year:   2020

Tech:  Acrylic and ink on paper

size:    61x38 cm


Artist: Dominique Richard


    Dominique Richard


    “Artworks reveal thoughts and feelings beyond words. May they draw a path to the viewers.”

    I am a self-taught artist. As a child and a teenager, I would enjoy drawing and painting. Many years later, expressing myself through art appeared quite natural.

    Perceiving the surrounding world more accurately, fosters me to explore new artistic techniques. A gesture suddenly revealing the meaning of an artwork, makes the creation process incredibly exciting. Shapes and lines often inspire me, sometimes color harmonies or contrasts are the starting point. I also compose by assembling, juxtaposing, superimposing elements, balancing between organic and geometric structures. This playful and spontaneous aspect appeals to me.

    Three years ago, I completed my career in the food industry, which allowed me working in an international environment. Meeting people of diverse origins has been a very enriching life experience which still nourishes my inspiration. I participated in a group exhibition as part of Refugee Week in France in 2019.



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