Insufferable Lightness of Being

Insufferable Lightness of Being

Title:   Insufferable Lightness of Being

Year:   2021

Tech:  Acrylic, Acrylic Ink, Pastel and spray paint on deep edge canvas, sealed with high quality Artist varnish

size:    150x100x4cm


Artist: Kirsi Salo


    Kirsi Salo


    “Art was always a source of remedy and peace and outlet to me. There’s a story that has to be told and I have to pick up the brush to catch it.”


    Kirsi Salo is a Modern Contemporary Abstract artist. She is a native Finn but lives and works in the West Coast of Ireland. She has been involved in art since early childhood exhibiting in group and individual shows while younger. After a decade of successful international management career, she got back to painting seriously a few years ago and has found her heart in Abstract Art.

    Her work is inspired by Impressionist paintings and thick flowy layers of wet paint, Street Art, and Graphic Design. Most distinctive feature in her style is overlapping bright and darker coloured layers, exploring contiguity and contrast between different elements.



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