Titre : Inside

Dimensions : 97cm x 130cm

Techniques mixtes ( peinture acrylique, pigments naturels sur toile en lin)

Création 2020


Artist: ALM




    Audrey Le Moustarder, also known as ALM, is a french plastic artist, that followed graphic design studies. In 2017, Le Moustarder won the "Prix de Peinture du Var" at Le Château du Castellet.

    Her art is inspired by her trips and her native province of Provence. ALM's pieces are the result of her ability to visualize in colors her feelings, deeply bounded in sounds, meetings, places, moods, words and lights of places she experiences.

    ALM uses differents paintings methods and materials, such as acrylic paint, Chinese ink, natural pigments.
    Through her lifetime, Audrey Le Moustarder, was given the opportunity to travel the world with her art, in places such as Monaco, France, U.K, Africa, Italia where she was able to exhibit.



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