Inner strength

Inner strength

  • Inner strength
    Created- January 2021
    Size - 420×297mm
    Materials used- Water colour, Acrylic paint, pastels, digital media.


Artist statement.

This body of work reflects one of the most important aspects of art and the creative process and that is colour. 

Colour to me can reflect so much in Art such as emotion, perspective, feelings and much more. Colour can not only create empathy but can also portray deep seated fears and desires. I also like exploring how the colour is applied whether is loose and transparent or thick and opaque. Brushed or flicked into the paper to smeared and smudged, all can be used to evoke emotions and feelings to both the artist and viewer.  One of my main inspirations for this body of work was the American pop artist Andy Warhol. His bold use of clean bright colour, stark graphics and bold lines heavily played the starting point for my work. His work embodies the whole movement of popular culture and explores the brash nature of the world he was immersed in.  I wanted my work to use his images as the started with but to them develop the art further exploring the use of colour and application to express and explore feelings and emotions. I also took inspiration from the spiritualist/ alternative medicine by looking at the area of auras. These are believed to be something that we all living things have around them. These auras reflect how we feel, how developed we are spiritually, health and personality traits. These colours are changeable, but can only be really seen by certain individuals but we can feel them i.e. when we meet someone for the first time and for some reason we either really like or dislike them without speaking them first. This shows that colours are not only visible but are also tangible and have visceral qualities in which I hope my work portrays.  


Artist: Christopher Rozitis


    Christopher Rozitis


    My body of work for this exhibition responds to the genetic Inheritance we all receive from our mothers. Exploring the connections through cells, atoms and molecules. I find that these small 'worlds' that we all are made up of are both fascinating and beautiful. They are quite simply the building blocks of our lives. They contain all the information we need to live, exist and to take care of ourselves.

    I also explored through the art work the concept that these small 'building blocks' contain genetic information from our mother and mothers before them and will do for all of time. These cells also have a special spiritual connection between the mother and child with 'golden threads' that forever connect us to our mother both genetically at a cellular level and emotionally. So one could almost say that these cells which make us who we are, hold infinite information and unconditional love gifted by our mothers to us all.



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