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In the spotlight

In the spotlight, 100x81 cm on linen canvas


Artist: Alexandra Verbeek



    In the spotlight, 100x81 cm on linen canvas


    Alexandra Verbeek


    Art that aims to connect on a primal level. Letting go of ideas that we may otherwise force violently onto things. I aim to guide purely by the beauty and interest of daily life. I hope to bring people in different states of mind by putting emphasis on what’s already around us. Art and photography are the tools I use to express harmony and unity and capture the essence of a thousand things. I try to avoid modern themes in my art as the point is to remind viewers to be content with their own company. To appreciate the now and to be attuned to the simplest things life has to offer. The transience of life is what makes every moment valuable. I reflect this in my art, paintings change during the day according to the lighting and even orientation. An intricate play of shadows and light ads to a sense of the painting being alive. Going out and experiencing nature, seeing the details on the smallest blade of grass to the biggest mountain on the horizon is where we look to find inner calm. I draw upon this inspiration to create paintings that aim to evoke these complex feelings. The paintings consist of many layers of rich to create depth and shapes that have an organic aesthetic. As a painting progresses it may change drastically. There is a constant need to consider the painting as a whole, in both composition and marriage of colors. It can be at times very stressful or extremely gratifying. My art invites viewers to surmount the ego even for the slightest moment. To consider how small our individual problems are in the greater scheme of things. To not only be a reflection of a single viewer but a reflection of all the viewers a whole. Letting go of preconceived notions and seeing the true demands of situations.