‘IN THE BATH', 2021


420mm x 297mm


Fine liner and crayon on fine grain, heavy weight white paper






This piece portrays a women in the bath. I wanted to take away the physical walls of a bath tub and focus on how the dimensions of the tub, force the body into certain shapes. This way we can become entirely focused on the human body and how it becomes folded and manipulated by the physical world.


There is a fragility and tension to the figure as we observe her bathing – normally a private activity, and one we would associate with being relaxing. You can feel her almost contorted restraint to not only the suggested walls of the bath but also to our intruding eyes.


Within my use of crayon shading, I have used green and blue tones to suggest both shadow and the water – leaving the more flesh-like tones closer to the surface to emphasise the body.


Artist: Jennifer Gregory


    Jennifer Gregory


    London, UK


    Born in 1992, Jennifer moved from rural Derbyshire to study at The University of the Arts London graduating with first class honours in 2015. Since then she has worked as an assistant Costume Designer for both the West End and Broadway and has had her work exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.


    Jennifer’s artwork is focused around drawing from life. Interested in bodies and the many, wonderful forms they come in she is rarely found without a sketchbook in her bag.


    When creating her art Jennifer predominantly uses a mix of fine liner and crayon. She likes to work quickly while remaining in an almost meditative state, trusting her instinct and allowing her pen to flow across the paper. This technique means her work evokes the vibrancy, purity and often vulnerability of each sitter.



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