In case of emergency, burn this canvas

In case of emergency, burn this canvas

Title: “In case of emergency, burn this canvas”

Year of execution: 2021

Size: 30 X 40 cm

Acrylics, transparent adhesive tape on canvas. Paper on the background.


Artist: Lorenzo Guarnieri


    Lorenzo Guarnieri


    I am a PhD student in Cognitive Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Previously I pursued a Bachelor degree in Biology and a Master in Neuroscience. My PhD project is the relation between the physiological aspects of the motor system and the time perception in the brain. How our brain is connected with rhythmic and arrhythmic sequences of external stimuli? Our responses are faster in each time we can anticipate specific events? But even without an academic background in Fine Art, one of my favourite matter of interest was the art history and drawing. Sadly, my activity was quite discontinuous because the art was not related to my job/field of study, so I couldn’t dedicate much time on that (and with consequent loss in motivation). This is changed from the first lockdown in Israel on March, due to the Covid19. I had more time, staying at home. So, I beginning to practice more and more with drawing and painting, with soft pastels, oil pastels and acrylics. I started doing portraits for friends of mine and I gradually shifted to more abstract and conceptual art. What is my big plan now is to find an artistic way to describe my PhD project, or more widely the concept of time perception in humans. Searching for a parallelism between the scientific and artistic side I believe could help me to be more engaged with future artworks.

    Other than that, I’m interested in Neuroaesthetics, a neuroscientific and psychological experimental approach to the Arts field.



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