I live upstairs from You

I live upstairs from You

I live upstairs from You - 80 x 80 cm


Artist: Peter Konečný


    I live upstairs from Youn - 80 x 80 cm


    Peter Konečný


    A master of words, music, as well as photography; and a manager. He is a complex artistic personality of the present, acknowledging and demonstrably undergoing also the agonizingly prosaic and grey parts of life – a human. He should be aspiring for an honorary degree in communications, because of a co-authorship in the projects called Veľkí herci malým deťom (Big Actors for Small Children); being active in groups of Stará jedáleň or Také oné; a collection of poems called Krátky príbeh o láske (A Short Story about Love); the presidential photograph; bass playing in a jazz club or a big band; whatever he does, he communicates brilliantly. While evoking emotions in the entire range of the public from (the most demanding) children to a sophisticated viewer, listener or reader, Konečný does not underestimate his recipient, he does not draw conclusions for them. Márius Kopcsay said about Konečný’s poetic work that it is like taking a shortcut. Peter’s works are really of an essence. Just a drop is enough – a strophe or a photograph – to evoke a storm of emotions and a flow of thoughts. Peter does not need any clichés to communicate demanding contents that are often taken in a surgically precise and minimalistic way, and at times he locks down a moment, towards which everyone has to twist the fibres of their own existences.

    Stanislava Ondrovičová



    Fotomaratón, Bratislava 2014, Winner

    Photo in the Garden, Bratislava 2018, 1st place & Jury Prize


    Solo exhibitions

    Esprit, Bratislava 2017, Arena Theatre

    Minimal, Bratislava 2020, Umelka Gallery

    Impresie (Impressions), Vienna 2020, The Slovak Institute – a virtual exhibition


    Joint Exhibitions

    Art of Coronavirus, Bratislava 2020, CHORS Art Boutique Hostel



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