I have the power to manifest my dreams

I have the power to manifest my dreams

“I have the power to manifest my dreams”, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm


Artist: Jenny S. Jonsson


    Jenny S. Jonsson


    "I repaint life" Impressions I get from everything that goes on around want to express itself on the canvas. Books I read, music, things that are going on in society and in my own life. The painting is a kind of diary in a way, a documentation of the present.


    I always paint one eye ~ WINTER EYE ~ small or large, visible or well hidden in my paintings. The "winter eye" symbolizes for me protection against negativity and is included in all my paintings in some form.


    I have a professional background as an occupational therapist and has worked mostly with children and young people in the school world. I am also trained as an equestrian therapist and have studied behavioral science and health psychology.


    In art, I am self-taught and creation again got a bigger place in my everyday life after a reduction in my ability to work. I use the creative expression as an input in flow and the result is a lot of paintings, mainly acrylic and watercolor.


    I also see art as a way to get involved and reflect on the public debate. The brush in my case becomes a tool to direct the light towards something that has caught my attention. To be able to convey a feeling or depict some kind of impression that has made an impression on me.


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