year of composition 2020

tecnica: digital painting



"Hydrogena" tells a story sets in 2050: humanity is now lost and humiliated because of its own greed and it's about to be swept away from a ripple present in the ionosphere. Humanity is destined to pay its electro-mechanical faults, but thanks to a man with a futuristic insight and his quantum physics researches, where the speed of the gravitational wave's propagation is faster than light (¥+¥+V^+H × M P N E (XYZ) = 0,01 m/s), "Hydrogena" was born: a futuristic woman macchina able to activate and deactivate the matter, and to end consequently the human wickedness. "Hydrogena" will bring freedom to all the existing races on earth by creating a very solid sphere in the ionosphere, now annihilated by artificial magnetism.

"I'm Hydrogena, daughter of ₩AVE, and I'll bring life and hope in the near future, becoming finally free from chains".




Artist: MarioVaccaj《mr WAVE》


    MarioVaccaj《mr WAVE》


    My name is MarioVaccaj mr WAVE and I’m from Sardinia. I’m a digital painter and researcher in gravitational waves. I like expressing through art how the individual is simply a microscopic particle travelling in the universe.



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