Holy Forest with Yggdrasil

Holy Forest with Yggdrasil

Holy Forest with Yggdrasil, 100x100cm, oil on canvas, 2014

Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life is a yew. The Yggdrasil, shows three roots: the one leads into the water (Hvergelmir) the other is the spiral of DNA (Urd) and the other root goes in the death (Mimir's arm bones). In the middle there are three branches: positive, negative or magical center. The topmost branches lead three times in the Otherworld. To direct the eyes at the two lungs of the tree, there only a few yew needles are shown.


Artist: Margaretha Gubernale


    Holy Forest with Yggdrasil, 100x100cm, oil on canvas, 2014


    Margaretha Gubernale


    The source of MARGARETHA GUBERNALE`s mystic and symbolic oilpaintings are the nature and philosophy and anthroposophy. She gives abstract thoughts real forms for focus the symbolic parable as c.learly as possible. The pictures by Margaretha Gubernale are a tightrope walk. On the one hand she paints abstract thoughts and on the other hand she uses the forms of the nature, for focus the symbolic parable as clearly as possible. Her inspirations she has in the nature, in anthroposophy and in the philosophy. She works successfully nearly 35 years in the international artfield. She was born 9.6.1941 in Switzerland, where she has her atelier. She is Swiss and Italian with double nationality.

    I quadri di Margaretha Gubernale sono una passeggiata sul filo del rasoio. D’una parte dipinge pensieri astratti e dall'altra parte usa le forme della natura, per focalizzare il simbolico parabola il più chiaramente possibile. Le sue ispirazioni lei ha nella natura, nell'antroposofia e nella filosofia. Sta partecipando con la sua pittura ad olio più di 35 anni nell'ambiente internazionale. È nata a Zugo, in Svizzera, dov'è il suo studio e dove vive.


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