Title: Highlight




Design something different.Design something different.      

Design something different.

To try something new!

Everything is possible!

Grow without limits.


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Artist: Sonnhild Kost



    Title: Highlight


    Sonnhild Kost

    My name is Sonnhild Kost and I am 58 years old.
    I come from Germany.
    For 35 years I worked in my dream job, as a draftswoman.
    3 times my life was given anew.
    Now I want to leave footprints of myself.
    Now the time has come for me to show myself and realize myself.

    In 2013, I started painting autodidactically.
    To express my inner self, I merge with the colors when painting.
    They describe my feelings and tensions, which I cannot put into words.
    I connect my spiritual world with the real world and I find balance in it.
    The best thing about it is that anything can be, nothing is binding. I am free of rules and regulations.
    That's how I keep trying new things. I experiment with colors, different materials and different painting techniques.
    As many people as possible should see my pictures, talk about them, work with them and feel trapped in them.
    My images bring color, light, love, power and new energy to every room in which they hang.
    I already had my first exhibition in the summer of 2014. Many more followed.
    I'm also pursuing my artistic urge in pottery, poetry and photography.



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