Higher magic

Higher magic

Title: Higher magic

Technique: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 50x40 cm

Year: 2020


Artist: Martyna Ziolek


    Martyna Ziolek


    Martyna, known as Marty_art, is a Polish contemporary artist based in The Netherlands. Her relationship with art has started a year ago and was pretty intense, she has shown skill in expanding her abilities every time given the opportunity to use her visions of what’s beyond our “daily drama”. Her work is mainly focused on nudes, however in many different styles, including string art, which she takes to the next level. Every piece of her art shows emotions and tells a little story about a lesson she learned during the process of creation. She says that art is a powerful tool for her that helps to share her soul with the world. Going through her spiritual journey she realized how much art helps her to heal and open up to others therefore she decided to do an ‘Therapeutic Art’ course. “Art has been used throughout human history to express the depths of human experience because our minds understand the abstract or symbols at a deeper level than language. It can heal past emotional pain, tune into our intuition or explore our deep desires. It teaches how to reframe our thoughts. Imagine looking at the painting that represents your life story, the frame that holds that painting, the lighting, how far you stand from it and many other facts that really influence how that painting appears. You can see the painting and your story in a whole new light, the same way we can all look at the same piece of art and interpret it in a different way we can reframe any experience from our life. So this way of expressing your past emotional pain helps to unlock the power of subconscious mind... and because love is the most powerful force in the universe I decided to share mine and try to make this world a better place to be, whatever it means for each one of us.”


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