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    I, Hideo Katsura, born on October 14th 1939 in Tokyo as the third child of a portrait photographer. I graduated from the Department of Art and 

    Photography at Nihon University and later moved to Hamburg in 1965.


    After arriving there, I worked as a photographer in a Kodak laboratory. During this time, I met my wife and decided to continue my life in Germany.

    I began to work in communication design for a well-known newspaper and magazine publisher.

    In order to further my artistic development, I later started my own advertising company where I continued to work on creating content for various magazine and web appearances.






    VIVID PLACES - With these words I connect rooms, buildings, and the places all around us. We live, work, and move between these spaces every day. With this idea of space and place in mind, I even succeed in seeing myself as a form of space and perceiving myself as such.

    A room can be built up compositionally and viewed from different angles. In combination with several rooms, this can lead to interesting visual irritations. This "confusion" causes movement and, with it, allows the picture a certain liveliness, which I call "VIVID" in my picture series. I am invested in and motivated by the challenge to make lifeless rooms appear vivid and rich in variation, and present them in ever more versatile motifs. This can happen through different painting styles, through a special brushstroke, colour, and many other ways in which I try to bring intensify these irritations and bring them to life.

    I hope and wish that I can share this atmosphere with the viewer through my paintings and that interesting conversations might develop from this. To view the motif a little bit differently every day or to suddenly perceive other parts of the picture is the intention I pursue with my Vivid Places picture series.



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