Hidden moon

Hidden moon

Titolo: 月隠り(Tsugomori)/ Hidden moon
Tecnica: drawing pen on watson board
Dimensione: 51,5 x 72,8 cm
Data: 2016


Artist: Ayano Nakamura


    Ayano Nakamura


    I grew up in a small village in Aomori, Japan.
    I've loved drawing since I was little, and I mainly draw fantasy princesses.
    At the age of seven, a cousin living in Tokyo visited the village. I looked very cool at the
    sketchbooks they had. And my mom gave me that as a gift.
    Then every day I sketched a lot of flowers and landscapes.
    I still vividly remember those days, like yesterday.
    It was definitely around this time that I learned the joy of expression.

    When I was a student, I won several competitions, but I didn't have the opportunity to learn art.
    It was a very small village!
    After graduating, I got a job in Tokyo.
    I longed for a big city.
    "Tokyo is cool!" Only that feeling.
    However, I realized that there are very few opportunities to express myself in my daily life.
    One day I got to know the master of the gallery cafe.
    He respected Picasso.
    He drew me into the world of art, saying, "Draw freely."

    From there, I became absorbed in drawing freely with my instinct.
    Two years later, I applied for the "What is Drawing" exhibition and won the second prize.

    I self-taught.
    I am still studying instinctively expressing emotions.
    "Emotions" is springing up.

    it's springing up first, the emotional words "fun" and "sad "etc., come later.
    I think there are more types of "emotions" than words.

    I used a pen and paper as a drawing tool because it was the most familiar tool.
    I used it for a simple reason, but I think it was very suitable.
    The flow I draw cannot be expressed with dynamic paint.
    And I wasn't thinking "I want to do a Fine draw!"
    When I expressed what I wanted to draw in detail, it became Fine draw.

    I think we will continue to improve our level in the future.
    I'm sure it will continue to evolve forever.



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