Hidden desires

Hidden desires

Hidden desires


Artist: Zlatan Woszerow


    Hidden desires


    Zlatan Woszerow


    Zlatan Woszerow is my artistic nickname, I am self-taught  digital abstract  artist who lives in Poland.

    As an artist, after decades of incubation,  I was born accidently not long ago but on 28th of January 2019,  by making my first digital painting (while playing with an iPad). 

    My technique is simple: all my works are based on few my drawings, photography or acryl paintings from the “real world”, which  I transform digitally using  digital finger painting techniques and mixing. In fact, each of my artwork has a common root, while the form  constantly evolves, reflecting stormy development of my personal artistic sensitivity, sense of beauty and understanding of aesthetics. My inspiration comes from the act of creation itself, which consumes me completely being the source of indescribable satisfaction. 

    Despite relatively short period of my artistic existence, my artworks have already been exhibited on the following exhibitions and art fairs:

    • art3F  Luxembourg , Luxembourg, April  2019
    • NewyorkART gallery, New York,  August and September 2019.
    • Art Parma Fair,  Italy , November 2019
    • ArtCanton art fair,  China December 2019

    Forthcoming this year:

    • M.A.D.S.  Milan, Italy, September
    • KOTARTFEST Moscov,  September

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