Henna Pajulammi

Henna Pajulammi

Henna Pajulammi


    Henna Pajulammi


    a self-taught abstract artist, PhD (LL.D.) in law, attorney


    Henna has studied her whole life. After graduating law school, she started working on her PhD thesis. It is not a surprise that she chose most topics on legal theory - the field of law that in her opinion is the closest thing to art. During her time of doctoral studies as a Fulbright Scholar in the UCLA Law School in Los Angeles, she felt a strong pull towards academia, but she had a really burning intellectual interest for being an attorney as well. Under the surface of all the legal buzz there was also developing something you can see in her artwork today.

    Henna and her husband got their sweet little daughter in November 2018. During the maternity leave the artistic energy, that she always knew she had, broke free. The colors just poured out of her and she found incredible joy when she finally had the time and the space to let her creativity flow. So she started painting and haven't stopped since.

    Painting is her passion. It is like music. It takes her places and feeds her soul. “In art I can be out of line. I get to be a rebel. I get to hang out in wool socks and have paint in my hair. That is radical. That is dynamite.”, Henna says.

    Her inspiration rises from contrasts that she faces in everyday life. You can see it in colors, in tones of voices, in professions, in personalities - in almost everything around you. In particular contexts you can explore differences between the feminine and masculine, hard and soft, powerful and weak and so on. Henna’s creativity lies in such contrasts and she is constantly seeking that.


    Her art is a play of galaxies, champagne bubbles, and gingerbread. Most of her paintings are on the happier side of the rainbow which she believes radiates from her paintings as good Sunday-like vibes. There are fireworks and rollercoasters but always some softer corners too. She likes contrasts and surprises. Feminine and masculine are present in her art, like in nature. There is always a story behind the painting. She has even painted abstract portraits of people just by the feeling or “the color” she gets from a person.


    Most often Henna uses bright colors in her work.  She paints abstract paintings with acrylic and mixed media. That gives her freedom and enough material to allow her imagination to explode. Like Pablo Picasso has stated “I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.” That is so very true to her as well. She often starts her work with an idea of the color palette. She uses a palette knife and pieces of cardboard to create sliding effects, which creates the energy of colors playing together and off of each other.

    Working in the legal profession gives Henna a unique kaleidoscope as an artist, and she gets to bring the different shades of humanity into her artwork from an unexpected angle. As a lawyer art helps her to think outside the box, and law, in return, gives her the inspiration and the boost she needs as an artist.



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