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Heini Svartengren

Heini Svartengren


    Heini Svartengren


    My name is Heini Svartengren. I am born in Helsinki, Finland. Living in Sweden. Im an autodidact artist, within the contemporary, abstract and modern art.

    I love to paint big and with acrylic colours. Prussian blue is my signature colour with the details of gold colours. Colour and design has always been in my interest. Inspiration comes from high mountains to valleys, from castles to cathedrals and churches, from classic music to house music, from fashion to architecture, and from life and water in all forms.  In combination with music and feelings I see and hear the colours that comes to life on my canvases. 


    I remember the first time I got my own oil colours when I was around 9 years old, with the tiniest canvases and personalli for a table. I found it really intriguing. I still remember how i discovered about  the oil colours. 

    In 1997 I lived and studied Spanish in Malaga, Spain for one year. I lived at Plaza de la Merced, opposite the apartment  Pablo Picasso had his childhood. I had an interesting time of period in Malaga painting artworks when I was there.

    Through the years  I have painted in period of times, but now I feel  the art has become a part of me.

    I constantly seek inspiration and to develop my paintings. I like to feel a depth in my artwork. I often mix cool and warm colours with metallic colours.

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