Hear Us

Hear Us

Name: Hear Us”

Size: The work is on a canvas which is 102 cm high, 76 cm w, 2cm d

Technique: Black paint pen on canvas

Year: Completed in 2020


Artwork Description : Hear Us” – This piece reflects female empowerment. Where all women, regardless of background, race or religion and whatever their story may hold, will unite as one and work together for the protection of fundamental womens rights and the safeguarding of freedoms.


Artist: Emma Lineham


    Emma Lineham


    Emma Lineham, is a London Based Artist with a journey that started in New Zealand and has led her around the world.

    Passionate and captivated from a young age by female diversity and its depiction on society has inspired her to capture these various stories through her illustrations.


    Highly eccentric and distinctive womens fashion is an extreme fascination that Emma has always found inspiration in. A self-taught illustrator, her style has rapidly developed over the years.

    After her Illustrations gained her entry into one of New Zealands most renown Fashion Design Schools, she was left hungry for more creative freedom and international travel was the next step to develop her skills.

    Discovering a multicultural aspect driven by women of the world, she was invited to exhibitions in both the UK and Australia with private clients globally commissioning her for live illustrations, large murals and one-off pieces.


    More recently, Emma has enjoyed distilling her style into more controversial scenes, her work aims to evoke the viewer to think and engage with the narrative – however they may wish to play it out.

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