Hamed Nasseri

Hamed Nasseri

Hamed Nasseri


    Hamed Nasseri


    Of Persian descent, Hamed Nasseri’s bold ink paintings draw inspiration from his profound life experiences and unique view of the world around him. Through the imaginative realms of his work Hamed is able to explore the interconnectedness of man and nature, male and female, concepts of home as well as the inspirational words of Persian poets, Rumi and Hafez. Often taking weeks to complete, his humble hands tangle myth with real life each piece traveling its own unique path.

    Growing up on a military base in the western mountains of Iran, in one of the world’s oldest cities, Hamedan, would prove to be the perfect spot for Hamed’s growing exploration into art. Even during the eight years of conflict with neighbouring Iraq, Hamed found peace living close to nature.

    The oldest son of a family of five. His father was in the Iranian Airforce, his mother, a teacher, was and is his closest friend. His grandfather, an architect by trade and a well-known wrestler would become his greatest inspiration growing up. Hamed was fascinated by his grandfather’s drawings of myths and heroes, light and dark taken from the famous stories of The Book of the Kings (Shah-Nameh in Farsi).

    After graduating from Tehran University, Hamed explored the diverse landscapes offered by Iran. He travelled with friends to restore traditional architecture found in villages across the country. Eventually settling in one of the restored buildings in Touran National Park. Here, he fought to protect the last habitat of the Asian Cheetah.

    Since, coming to Canada with no more than twelve pieces of work in 2014, Hamed has dedicated his time to creating art that is an authentic and honest exploration of the intertwining paths of his mind.



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