• Guardián (Guardian)


Year: 2020
Size: 81 x 65 cm.
Technique: Acrylic on canvas


Artist: Andrés López Blasco


    Andrés López Blasco


    Andrés López Blasco was born on October 14, 1957 in Collado Mediano (Madrid). He studied Technical Architecture at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. At the same time, because of his vocation, he attended the School of Fine Arts, where he discovered his passion for painting and, in particular, for abstract art.

    His painting stands out for its expressiveness in color, with a marked influence of surrealist psychology, honoring his teacher Manuel Viola (a member of the avant-garde group El Paso).

    Although throughout all these years Andrés has not abandoned his full dedication to his professional work, in his leisure moments he has devoted himself to his artistic side, holding numerous exhibitions in different locations in Madrid.



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