Green energy

Green energy

GREEN ENERGY 50x61CM year2020


Water based oil color painting.

Made with brushes and art knives.

Painting is about just playing with colors first in canvas, and then taking colors off with an art knife. Then I started to see there things, jungle and a forest, and began to paint it. There was a light right there and I painted it just to show that if just let go fears there will be success.


Artist: Hermanni Pellinen


    Hermanni Pellinen


    Born In Central- Finland 1978, self taught . Youngest child of three. As a child, always drawing something. Wanted to learn more. Inspired by fathers abstract painting, he made a decision to someday become an artist.

    Started to paint, made paintings and portraits as a teenager. Studied to become a practical nurse in 2000, keeping art as a hobby. His father died that time. 20 years went by, and life had him keeping busy starting a family and raising a child. Making a career in healthcare, mental hospital and sheltered housing.


    Year 2020 came and he started to paint again, got married and had a brain stroke in honeymoon at the lighthouse. Spent seven months home and trained himself back to normal life. He took a paintbrush in his hand and started to paint all his past life, frustrations and sorrow away, about his dead father and now when survived from stroke, seeing the most important things in life more deeply now.

    He became an artist.


    "I consider my art as a tool to put pain and sorrow away, let go fears and phobias. I also wanna have fun when painting! I want to help and heal people with my art and put caring and love in every artwork I make.

    My paintings contain very powerful emotions. I wanna feel every moment in life very powerfully, I don´t wanna live life with any regrets. I do not know any other way in life that puts bad emotions away, than painting".



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