Year : 2021
Size : 50x50x4cm
Frame : no frame, but ready to hang
Technical data : acrylic, modelling paste and gold paint on canvas


Artist: Romana Meissner


    Romana Meissner


    Romana Meissner is a Czech born and currently Germany based visual artist. She considers herself an explorer of the human condition: why do people act the way they do? What are the forces we are driven by? What lies beneath the surface of what meets the eye? These are some of the questions the artist wants to find answers to in her work. To express what she senses beneath the surface of a person’s or a place‘s outer appearance, Romana Meissner feels drawn to different materials and a range of colours, which she applies in layers on canvases and papers. This way, expressive, mostly abstract works are created, some reduced, others rich in colour and texture. As an artist, Romana Meissner is mostly self-taught. Art, however, has been “a loyal companion” to her since early childhood. “Maybe to cope with the torments of homesickness after emigration – I was 8 years old when my family had to leave what was then Czechoslovakia and my sole universe - maybe because it is running in my veins anyway”, she says.

    Romana Meissner draws inspiration from everything that surrounds her: the people she loves, people she meets, people she watches, music, literature, nature, politics, the cities and landscapes she feels drawn to like Amsterdam, Hamburg, London, Istanbul, the ocean, the canals, the hills of her Swabian exile.

    Her works are in collectors‘ homes all over Europe and the USA.

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