Glowing in field

Glowing in field

Glowing in field


Experimental Fine Art Photography, 2013, 120 x 80 cm, Colorpigment on aludibond, mat


Artist: Ursa Schoepper


    Glowing in field

    Experimental Fine Art Photography, 2013, 120 x 80 cm, Colorpigment on aludibond, mat


    Ursa Schoepper


    State examination in natural sciences, followed by teaching

    In addition to a simultaneous, accompanying family work of the beginning of a new higher education  

    University degree, studies in cultural management, focused on visual arts, new media, at Prof. Dr. Eckart Pankoke, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Krempel, Prof Dr. Michael Bockemühl

    Conception and realization of various projects in the field of the cultural education systems as cultural manager.

    Media Award North Rhine Westphalia for Museum of Absent Images, conception and realization as a social network 2001  

    Member BBK Cologne

    Since 2003 experimental artist in the field of experimental fine art photography

    Ursa Schoepper exhibits her artworks worldwide and has been honored with many awards


    International Contemporary Exhibition “ABSTRACTISM KANDINSKIJ AWARD MMXX

    A digital photography is a light picture and a data image, an icon, a foil of a special pictorial perception. A digital photography is material of dierent substances, of dierent systems. That always means something provisional.  

    Taking a digital photograph means perceiving in the process or perceiving the process.The process aesthetics allows dynamic formation, here by means of transformation. Photographic art changes under the eye of the beholder. The viewer integrates the perceived art into his world experience. What we see is always an interpretation, a draft of the world. Therefore it is important for me to work with my own photographs.

    In order to arrive at new points of view, it sometimes helps to destroy familiar ways of seeing in the figurative sense. For me as an artist, for example, I am destroying a previously recorded photographic image through transformation, that is, through a new algorithmic order structure, in order to arrive at a new order of sight and perspective after a new order.

    Creatively following an artistic idea, I thus develop autonomous photographic images. You can also call my work conceptual work with photographic material. I create autonomous photographical artworks as virtual reality present in realistic reality.  

    ©Ursa Schoepper

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