• Geode

30x48 inches


Mixed Media on Canvas (Fabric dye, glitter, acrylic paint)


Artist: Lindsey Ellice Thomas


    Lindsey Ellice Thomas


    Lindsey Thomas was born in the small town of Mansfield, Ohio. This rural town gave her the chance to explore the natural world around her for over 25 years. The concept of nature has always been present in some shape or form in her work. She pulls great inspiration from textures that occur in nature. She believes there’s infinite beauty in ordinary, everyday places and objects.


    A fascination with art started at a young age and was cultivated throughout her teen years which led to the decision to pursue art further.  She studied painting and drawing at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.



     After completing her Bachelors in Fine Art in 2010, her focus over the next ten years became painting in an abstract contemporary style in her free time. During those ten years, Lindsey worked as an administrator for a blue-collar company by day. In 2017, she began to change her focus from working in the corporate world to spending more time creating.  The year 2020 was a challenging year, but a year where Lindsey could find great solace in creating art. The style she finds most captivating is contemporary abstract art, where her focus is creating aesthetic balance with color and texture. 


    Lindsey will be exhibiting in the “Change your Way” exhibit in the Galleria Cael with the Divulgarti Organization in February 2021. As well as exhibiting in the Virtual Artists of the UK, International Contemporary Art Exhibit in February 2021. Currently, Lindsey is living and working in Richmond, Virginia with her wonderful husband and two dogs, wherein her free time, she is cultivating art and spending time outdoors. 


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