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    Gala Zabruskova


    My name is Galina Zabruskova, I am an art photographer from Russia.

    Photography has been my passion since I was 10 years old, and it was my father who introduced this wonderful world of light and magic to me! So many years have passed but I still remember the thrill of those mysterious moments of the picture developing process in a special red light lamp room. I have exactly the same excitement when I post-product my works now and I am so happy that the curious and creative child has been staying inside me since those old times.

    Every artist wants to find his own way and style and this turns out to be one of the most difficult things. For years in photography, I have noticed that my attraction is a story. I always look for plot development stories and I like emotional and dynamic shots with unusual and expressive characters. The inspiration comes from anywhere: it can be somebody’s life story, a beautiful melody, an unusual face, a simple thing like a silk scarf, or a fancy doll, or a bottle of perfume – you never know! However, what I will definitely ask myself about before any project is WHO (the character), WHERE (the location) and WHY (the concept) she or he is going to be in the picture. I will not start the project until I know the answers. Sometimes it takes a couple of hours, but mostly it is a long process for I like to plunge deep into the subject. It is not just a fancy image I want to depict, but also a complicated picture where every single detail has its meaning. That is why fairytales and legends are my favorite sources of inspiration.

    Fantasy and fairytale is the genre where I can be absolutely eloquent and sincere: I can create my own world of beauty and harmony, reflect my thoughts, feelings and emotions, fears and concerns.

    I would like to represent one of my conceptual arts «Passionate Amanita», which touches upon a very acute problem of the modern world – toxicity. Toxic people and toxic relationships – I think most of us have experienced those. People who find themselves in this kind of relationships try to find their way through it, and mine is through art.

    The metaphoric personification of toxicity has been made through the image of the amanita mushroom: it is so attractive, alluring, and even seductive, but to be safe one is better stay away from it; otherwise it can poison, affect your life or even kill you. As any passion and addiction, toxic relationship is not so easy to get out of, so it is much better to just watch and fancy from a proper distance ;)


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