Oil and cold wax on paper, on multi-panel wood

 60 x 60 cm


In the Greek mythology Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life, but the origin of Gaia has to be found in prehistoric Greece. Although the word ‘Gaia’ is of uncertain origin, it is best translated as ‘Earth’. Gaia was the mother of Uranus (personifying the sky) and Oceanus. In this painting the divine Gaia stands against a background of the ocean and sky.


Artist: André Romijn


    André Romijn


    Passionate about art history, André Romijn is a self-taught portrait painter. Spending most of his career successfully in veterinary publishing and online-education, he has dedicated himself to a life of paint and brushes. Since 2020 he works full time on painting portraits, mostly in oils and cold wax.

    André is from The Netherlands where he was born in 1960. He has lived many years in the United Kingdom but as a result of BREXIT he has moved to Barga, a medieval town in the Tuscan mountains of Italy.

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